The 33 Day Blog Challenge!

I have been neglecting this blog.  And not only that, but I have been neglecting writing of any kind.  It has led to a four week drought of creativity.  I realized a few days ago it was also accompanied by a lack of exercise, going to class, and submitting for anything theatrical.  I know we all have those times.  We get too busy with trying to balance three jobs and some sanity and the first things to go when you’re “too busy” are the small things that keep you happy.  No more! (every time I say this, I imagine it being yelled by Edna from The Incredibles..)


I’m somehow okay with this woman in my head over the next few weeks.  I realized I had become a lump about a week ago but because of my psycho schedule of going from nannying to performing everyday, I didn’t feel like I had the energy to do squat about it.  Then I babysat late one night and had about three hours to kill while the girl I watch had gone to sleep.  I quietly found a DVD since I knew writing would put me also to sleep, and hell, it was another excuse not to write.
So this is where Hollywood wins.  I watched Julie and Julia and the producers had the exact effect on me that  they hoped.  It also helps that Nora Ephron wrote a beautiful story.  The movie reminded me how much this blog has done for my writing and confidence, especially in times when I have been feeling scattered or a little lost.  The only thing I couldn’t stand of course was Meryl Streep, and no, not just because my mother has a career-long hatred for the woman (they went to MFA programs at the same time.  No Meryl movies allowed in the Bosch house.)  There was a little too much, “Look at me, I’m ACTING!” for my taste.  Other than that, very sweet movie.  And it motivated me to write!

Oof. I’m over it.


So my goal from now until the end of August is to add at least one post to this blog every day.  Why?

1.  Because I need some discipline in my writing, and putting it on a blog will give me more focus than a journal.

2. Because there are way too many post ideas that never make it past a piece of scrap paper on my purse.  I understand that this is a pretty personal goal, so I may not always be writing for a wide audience.  I’m hoping by not censoring myself that better things will come out, but who knows.  There are bound to be some duds in there.

3. Maybe I will find a little more focus on what I want to write about…and actually complete something.

4. Lastly, August always tends to be the most stressful month of the year.  It also the most exciting.  In the next 5 weeks, I am teaching two weeks of camp full time, going to Thousand Island Park with Ben’s family for an exciting wedding, and moving to Jersey.  I’m joining Equity in October so am majorly getting my act together (literally.  womp womp.) There’s also a 5K in there…which I haven’t trained for.  So there should be plenty to document!

Where I will be in 2 weeks. Since it’s been so long since I’ve had vacation, all posts may be under the influence of wine. I can’t make any promises for spelling or grammar.


1. This is not my journal, my 7th grade Xanga, or my MySpace.   I never actually had the last two.  I will not whine about my day or complain about Ben leaving hair in the sink.  He doesn’t do that.  That’s probably me.

2. I need to write at least one thing a day, even if it’s a picture of something silly, like my cat.

3. I am absolutely open to feedback as always.  If I goof and miss a day, you are welcome to give me a stern talking to.

So here’s to an August of writing and motivation!  Thanks for reading as always:)

2 responses to “The 33 Day Blog Challenge!”

  1. I think this post came at the perfect time…I also have been neglecting my blog, and need to kick my butt into gear. I’m going to join your challenge, but since I do need to be realistic as a mom of a 10 month old, i’m going to change my goal to once a week. Thanks Ginny! Happy blogging!


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