Zen in NYC

When I graduated college, I knew I had arrived at the moment I had been warned about since I was little.  Guidance counselors from 3rd grade on sat me down and said, “You know, it’s very difficult to be an actress.  What do you want to do to make a living?”  I have found that this conversation continues into being an adult.  People are amazed by actors.  No salary?  Health benefits?  No guaranteed work?  And as you’re told, if all these crazy factors still do not deter you, acting is your thing.

If you are an aspiring actor and  haven’t seen this video, please watch it.  It will make you feel better:

And after six months of living in nature, I made the move to the big city.  I left behind floating across a lake on a noodle to pass the time, for auditions, subways, and a constant chorus of car horns.  This is a fabulous picture of a lake in Highland Lakes, NJ, my hometown.

I’ve had lengthy discussions with the kids I grew up with about our dilemma.  If there was anyway to make an enjoyable living in the town as an actress, I would kick back my heels on a grassy knoll somewhere are call it a lifetime.  But that’s not how it is, and isn’t that the point of life anyway: taking yourself out of your comfort zone, leaving the paradise of home and to seek out what new experience makes you grow?

The goal is to keep the love to writing and theatre alive without sacrificing your mental, physical, or emotional health.  I do believe it’s possible!  But it may take some blogging along the way to help me through the ups and downs.


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