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  • A Freelance Writing Guide for the Coronavirus Shutdown

    Marketing writing is pretty ideal for the theatrical brain. Many agencies use personas or a target audience when they send you an assignment. It’s very similar to getting into the mind of a character if they were about to wander the internet to buy something.

  • My First Full Year of Freelancing

    This is more of a practical post for a change. I’ve had a few people reach out to see how freelance writing was going, so I’ve written a a rundown of my experience in the first full year. Also, if you’re one of the many people who found this blog over the holiday season by […]

  • Powerball Daydreaming: The Financial Litmus Test

    Though the odds of winning are quite slim, I did have a good deal of fun during Powerball mania. Coworkers stopped by my office to chat about their daydreams and stories bounced around about the wild ways people reacted when they mistakenly believed they won. Groups have been formed, alliances made, contracts drawn up — all over the possibility of throwing your predicted life path out the window.

  • The Financial Diet- Survival Job Publication

    Hello all! Though I took a mini blogging hiatus last week, I’m excited to announce that I had an original article published by The Financial Diet, a marvelous website that simplifies navigating a healthy financial lifestyle. They also published my article several weeks ago, about backwards budgeting.

  • How I Turned My Mornings Around

    Up until last December, my mornings were pretty predictable. My alarm went off 45 minutes before I left for work, I hit the snooze button twice, jolted awake, and then stared horrified at the clock before sprinting to the shower. Next, I struggled for the remaining 15 minutes or so to find an outfit that wasn’t either in the laundry, wrinkled, or under a sleeping cat, and rushed out the door without breakfast.

  • The Financial Diet Publication

    Publication saves the day! Today started out with me throwing my tea mug across the room and ruining my work laptop. So to say the least, finding out that The Financial Diet published my article about Backwards Budgeting significantly turned the day around. I really enjoy these ladies, so I highly recommend wandering around their site! Very honored to be included!

  • Celebrating Growth, Even When You’re Bad at Math

    I’ve been trying to think a lot about math lately. I’m terrible at math, I always have been. It was the only subject in school where I was happy if I even squeaked by. But it took some growing up to understand that the concepts in math are much more relatable to life than I expected. I’ve started to notice that each time I get into a rut about where I’m headed, it’s because I am looking at the “numbers” in my life instead of the rate of growth.

  • Backwards Budgeting: For National Blog Posting Month!

    In honor of NaBloPoMo (or National Blog Post Post Month) I took on Blogher’s challenge to write about something I feel I am an “expert” in.  To say I am an expert at budgeting is VERY far from the truth, but when it comes to somehow keeping our heads above water while freelancing, I have some experience.  So […]

  • Adorable Little Lions

    First of all: I’m excited to say I finally have another blog post in the works.  Often when I get an idea like this, it’s important to let it brew for a while.  But I want to wait until it develops into a post that I myself would want to read, otherwise, why ask you […]

  • Survival Job Sanity: A Call for Advice

    In October, I will turn 28, thus marking my 20th year in theatre.  Other than sending me into a bit of a crisis about how I thought I’d be a Rockette by now, I feel it will also give me the right to have loud, dramatic diva tantrums involving long scarves and phrases like, “I’ve […]