History of the Title

Way back in college, a dear friend of mine introduced me to her favorite expression: maybe there will cupcakes. If you’re not looking forward to going somewhere, doing something, or tackling an unsurmountable challenge, you can just think, “Well, maybe there will be cupcakes,” and everything feels a bit lighter.

In other words, maybe there will be something wonderful along the way that you didn’t expect. I latched onto this idea when I started my blog back in 2010 and it still inspires me today. Thanks, Elyse:)

Apparently her and I don't have any pictures together on our own so here she is (in red on the far left) fearlessly leading our A Capella group in college:)
Elyse in red on the far left fearlessly leading our A Capella group in college.

4 responses to “History of the Title”

  1. I once took a job which I actually didn’t want to take if I had really listened to that inner voice. I quit within three months and that was a good thing! But believe it or not: There were cupcakes! And here in Germany cupcakes are not a typical thing though they are starting to become more popular. So the job was at least worth it for the yummy cupcakes made by the bosses wife. 😉 I really had to laugh about you using that phrase all the time! 🙂

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    • Hahahahaha that’s wonderful, I’m so glad. I occasionally look back on this phrase when I’m feeling lousy and remind myself that baked goods can really turn a bad situation around.


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