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  • The Buddhist Actor

    Last week, I had a rare opportunity to sit in on a Taoist workshop lead by the head of the Chinese Taoism Society, Master Meng Zhiling.  I knew very little going in about Taoist culture and beliefs, only that they would be a great complement to my Buddhist studies (and helpful toward my goal of sitting […]

  • xoJane Article on Background Acting

    Hello all!!  It’s been a bumpy month for writing.  I feel like my head has been spinning around for weeks.  Nonetheless, back in March I wrote this crazy little piece and it just popped up on xoJane!  Also, if you’re new to this site and would like to read more about my background work experience, […]

  • A Note on Vulnerability

    Last night Ben and I used a gift certificate to a fancy restaurant around the corner. It’s BYOB, and though I haven’t been drinking this month, I figured the glorious food was worth pairing with wine. But to say the least, after 4 solid gulps of Chardonnay, I was having a time. Not drinking for two weeks sure does make you a cheap date. Either way, I kept it together and eased back on the wine until desert time. By the time Ben got up to go to the bathroom, I was in a silly place. For some unknown reason, I blurted out, “It’s right downstairs.” And instantly collapsed into giggles as he walked away. Why? Because this is a tiny Montclair restaurant in the corner of a small brick apartment building. The dining room itself was a stones throw from one wall to the next, and there was literally one option of where the bathrooms could be, without walking into the kitchen. There were no steps. Anywhere. Why did I do this? I do not know, I was feeling crafty, and I blame the glass of wine.

  • The “Start Where You Are” Email

    Sometimes the beginning of the burnout cure is an internal or external reminder that you are no one is expecting more from you but you. As much as I continue to want high expectations for myself, I cannot pretend that I am somewhere that I’m not. That is where the burnout comes from. It is a delusion that I can, and should, take on more than I currently am, despite my mind and body’s message.

  • Speranza Theatre Support and Blog Promo Opportunity!

    Happy Friday! I have a very special theatre company to tell you about, one that I have worked with for the past year and a half and cannot recommend enough. Speranza Theatre Company in Jersey City is a rapidly growing professional theatre group that promotes the works of female playwrights, plays supporting women’s issues, and projects with strong female characters. It is also a huge part of Jersey City’s expanding arts scene.

  • Updated Website! Woohoo!

    Hello all and happy first day of football season!  I am post-less today but I have some cool announcements on the horizon.  In the meantime… I updated my website!  Please check out GinnyBartolone.com and let me know if you have any layout/content suggestions.  Really, anything.  Since this is combined with my acting website, I have been trying […]

  • If the Whole World Took an Acting Class

    As an actor, I have spent my fair share of time laying on the floor and barking at the ceiling.  Okay, I’m not barking, per se, I am sending my voice through the space from the top of my head.  I have sat on the backs of classmates and been sat on by teachers, all for […]

  • Monday Boost: An Ode to Schleppers

    I name this hot muggy Monday, National Schlepper* Appreciation Day!  It is for all the people who think delivery is lazy (or too expensive), who run the office errands, the family errands, the boring “I know the CVS pharmacy is going to take forever” errands, and everything in between.  We work several (usually strange) jobs, […]

  • Motivational Plant Metaphors

    Last week, I signed up to water our school garden.  The science department has a super impressive situation out back, with cherry tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, and about five planters of herbs.  I don’t know a whole lot about gardening, the extent of my knowledge comes from helping my mom drop seeds into our backyard when […]

  • Get off the Floor

    I fell over a lot as a kid.  I think it’s pretty common when you’re little – sometimes your top half moves more quickly than your bottom half, you seem to slip on everything, or you just simply tip over all the time.  It’s as if you haven’t quite figured out the whole “leg” thing yet. […]