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  • A Freelance Writing Guide for the Coronavirus Shutdown

    Marketing writing is pretty ideal for the theatrical brain. Many agencies use personas or a target audience when they send you an assignment. It’s very similar to getting into the mind of a character if they were about to wander the internet to buy something.

  • The Buddhist Actor and the Audition

    The Buddhist Actor and the Audition

    The Mental Life Cycle of an Audition If there’s one thing that hasn’t changed in the past 20-some years of acting, it’s the twisted, complex labyrinth of psychological grief I embark upon each time I lock down an audition. Step one: What a cool opportunity, I’m not going to get hooked on the idea of getting the […]

  • Actor Poll: What do you do when you’re not acting?

    One of the trickiest things for me about acting is the space between classes and gigs. Unlike singing, dancing, painting, or writing, tactics to develop your growth on your own is not as obvious. And days locked to a desk at your 9-5 can be even harder, no matter how much you enjoy the job itself. So this is less of a post, and more a call for advice:

  • The Compass Podcast – And Why You Need to Listen to It

    I need to tell you a little bit about The Compass podcast. Because it is fantastic and was created by a fantastic lady.

  • Updated Website! Woohoo!

    Hello all and happy first day of football season!  I am post-less today but I have some cool announcements on the horizon.  In the meantime… I updated my website!  Please check out GinnyBartolone.com and let me know if you have any layout/content suggestions.  Really, anything.  Since this is combined with my acting website, I have been trying […]

  • The Benefits of Being a Multi-Artist

    Feeling artistically stagnant and starved is something I didn’t understand when I was little.  If I was in a grouchy mood for days at a time, I was often told, “You just need a show!”  But I didn’t truly understand the validity of this until my twenties.  I did legitimately need to do something artistic, to […]