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  • Solvitur Ambulando

    I’ve had a serious case of blogging writer’s block.  Even writing this blog post has lead me to extreme distraction and procrastination.  I am now currently pan frying some brussels sprouts, because A. I was craving vegetables, B. That Kerry Gold butter we splurged on isn’t going to eat itself, and C. Cooking is not […]

  • The Three Voices of Anxiety

    A few years back, I had a very kind coworker surprisingly blurt out that he thought anxiety was made up. It was pretty shocking, since this person was a great listener and all around pretty understanding guy. But in his experience, he simply “didn’t understand why people did it to themselves.” It got me thinking. I always assumed that those who didn’t understand the physical realities of anxiety were self-centered, unsympathetic jerk faces. But here was a friend of mine, whom I deeply respected, suddenly saying that he thought worrying was a choice.