Actor Poll: What do you do when you’re not acting?


One of the trickiest things for me about being an actor is the space between classes and gigs.  Unlike singing, dancing, painting, or writing- tactics to develop your acting are not as obvious on your own.  And days locked to a desk at your 9-5 can be even harder, no matter how much you enjoy the job itself.  So this is less of a post, and more a call for advice:

How do you continue to work on your craft when you’re in between classes and shows?

or even further…

How to do you continue to grow when you are not even in a (logistical or financial) place to audition for a new project?

At the moment, I am lucky to be in a class with a new scene or monologue to work on each week.  Simply having that teacher to hold me accountable and provide feedback each Sunday is invaluable.  And yet when I am in between classes, either due to my schedule or cash flow, there are only so many times I can run a new monologue to my frightened cats.

As someone who needs to create to keep from going insane, I find other ways to produce art forms outside of theatre – this blog for example.  I sing, I run, I do yoga, and I read like a madwoman.  And though I know this adds to my acting on a personal level, working on the craft itself often eludes me without a structure or schedule.

These tasks are a reminder that I am an actor, even on days when I spend three hours making photocopies in an office.  I have gone long enough questioning if I will ever give it up, only to come around each time to the fact that I am am actor whether I am actively pursuing it that month or not.  But when I go without a project for too long, I become more and more creatively stuck.  And then, these dry patches away from theatre hurt my acting.  When I return, my acting is calculated, blocked, and disconnected- decreasing my chances to get cast in a new project.  And alas, the cycle continues.

So I would love to hear from you about tips, similar questions, or your general experience.  What do you do, day-by-day to work on yourself as an actor, even when the structure is gone?

Speranza Theatre Support and Blog Promo Opportunity!


Speranza Theatre Company’s Piece of My Heart

Happy Friday!  I have a very special theatre company to tell you about, one that I have worked with for the past year and a half and cannot recommend enough.   Speranza Theatre Company in Jersey City is a rapidly growing professional theatre group that promotes the works of female playwrights, plays supporting women’s issues, and projects with strong female characters.  It is also a huge part of Jersey City’s expanding arts scene.

This past year, we received our first grant, which is amazing in itself.  In addition, the grant will match any donations made within our current campaign.  This November 5th, we open Janey Miller’s World Tour, a new hilarious romantic comedy by John Cassel.

Also, we will soon be announcing an amazing project currently in development to support Women Rising, a domestic abuse shelter in Jersey City.

I’ve found that the Wordpress world is a rare supportive online community that I cherish not only for the writing support it has provided to me over the past five years, but also for the constant talent I come across in all of your blogs.  And so, I reach out with another great care of mine in case you are in the position to either help us reach our financial goal, or to spread the world of our exciting company and campaign.

To celebrate any support you are willing to provide, I am happy to promote your writing in an upcoming “thank you” post!  Though I am always excited to promote wonderful writers I come across, and hope to make it more of a regular practice, this is another wonderful excuse to do so.  Please feel free to message me through my contact page for any questions about the company, campaign, or how to get involved if you are an actor/playwright/general theatre lover.

Thank you so much for reading and have a fabulous weekend!

Click here to support or share Speranza Theatre Company’s Fall Fundraiser!