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  • AOC Challenge Week 3: Let’s Talk About Breweries

    Hello! in 2018, I’ve decided to start my own personal writing challenge based on “Acts of Connection,” something I thought about while hiking the Camino de Santiago. You can find the whole story here.  Quick note before I start: This week’s challenge was supposed to be about attending the NYC Women’s March. Due to an audition […]

  • Elite Daily Veggie Recipe Publication

    Hey there Thursday! Elite Daily has published a veggie recipe I wrote up several weeks ago in honor of Vegetarian month!

  • Lazy Sunday Recipe: Corn and Summer Veggie Beer Sauté

    This week’s recipe is brought to you by lack of sleep, beer, and the letter B.  For beer!   Photo credit- frugal-cafe.com Cooking when you’re tired and punchy can be tricky.  But you still have to eat.  There are plenty of days when getting in the car and safely reaching the store for any special […]

  • When Life Hands You Rum, Make Cookies

    After many days inside with this cold, I finally made it out for brunch today with my wonderful friend Jonathan.  He’s one of those people that can instantly make you to believe in your career, where you’re going in life, and the power of a $6 mimosa.  As it naturally does, our conversation eventually took […]