The Day My Large Eyebrows Came Back Into Style



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My eyebrow relationship has been a bumpy uphill battle.  It began around sixth grade when I was alerted that “No, my eye brows were not actually supposed to meet in the middle. ” It was the dreaded year I also learned about dressing “in fashion,” understanding makeup (and since it was the 90’s — this meant as much glitter as possible), and the realization that I could no longer wear my ten year old Bartman t-shirt.  It was a rough year.

A friend of mine sat me down in her bathroom and tweezed my brows through what was one of the most infuriating fifteen minutes of my life.  It was the beginning of my body’s fight against the ridiculous traditions our society’s trends put us through.  When she was done, they did indeed fit the standard of the thinly-plucked, arched brows from all the magazines.  To this, she explained, “Ew, now you look like a cheerleader.”  As theatre people, we didn’t consider this to be a good thing, because, you know, middle school is weird.

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