Fresh Summer Chicken Teriyaki on Warm Maple Zucchini Salad

I’ve had a hard time focusing since the terrible news on Saturday night.  I have sat here for the past hour feeling angry at a lot of things- at the dust on the floor, the cats knocking things over, and the relentless heat.  I think I’m just simply angry.  And I’m so confused by how to process this awful event that I’ve decided I have to do something.  Last night, that something was cooking. And this time, it’s writing.

So no, this isn’t my typical recipe post, but I need to do something, and so I will share with you the delicious meal I made last night.

Fresh Summer Chicken Teriyaki on Warm Maple Zucchini salad


This is a fantastic meal to put together if you have time to prep something early on and then only a short amount of notice to heat it up.  The prep takes a little bit of time (not all that much) but the cooking itself only takes about 5 minutes.

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