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  • Offbeat Home Publication

    Hello all! ┬áDespite my little blogging break, I am excited to say that Offbeat Home posted one of my recent articles about Buddhism and cleaning. Check out the Offbeat home article here!­čÖé          

  • Zen and the Art of Cleaning Up Cat Hair

    It’s Sunday morning at 7am and I’m up with unexpected energy. We were responsible last night instead of going upstairs for extra drinks with our neighbors. We went to bed at 11! We had plans for the morning, and look at me sticking to them! I start the coffee, write a bit, and head out for a walk. When I get back, the town is still waking up and I am ready for yoga. I am on it. I lay out my mat, sun salute to plank position – and this is when it happens. A tumbleweed of cat hair the size of a small muffin bounces maniacally past my face. My eyes come into focus with the ground and, horrified, I realize that the floor is covered in mini-tumbleweeds of cat hair and other mysteriously-produced dust. I lunge my body back into a child’s pose of despair and debate interrupting my practice to vacuum.