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  • Bridges, Backhoes & Other Irrational Fears

    Try to contain your laughter, but I have a confession to make. A confession that many friends are aware of and have talked me through since the beginning of college: I’m a little terrified of construction equipment, specially cranes and backhoes. Yes, it’s odd, and yes, deep down I know they’re not going chase us down with their scary metal talons, but still, I cringe if I have to pass one on the street.

  • The Wisdom of the Stairs

    In response to WordPress’ Daily Post prompt, themed Break the Silence There is a french expression, L’esprit de l’escalier, that loosely means “the spirit of the staircase.”  The term comes from Denis Diderot’s philosophy that your best retort to a confrontation always dawns on you after you’ve walked away and regain mental clarity.  I experienced this a week […]