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  • Friday and Its Possibilities

    Yesterday was the wackiest day. I’ve been struggling to come up with new material throughout October (I seriously almost just wrote September, because I’m convinced that month didn’t happen yet), but with the fall flying by and the projects quickly adding up, I haven’t had as much creative energy to devote to this blog than I’d like. At least that’s what has been in my head all this week. And usually, when Friday comes, I’m so burned out that I often write the day off.

  • 5 Simple “Fall Cleaning” Ideas for Your Mind

    With any transition, especially one that lines up with the days getting shorter and chillier, it’s important to feel as if I am starting fresh. So here are a few easy and free ways I have been jumping into September and saying goodbye to the summer without sadness:

  • September Goals and a Note on Surprising Yourself

    As we say goodbye to the last mile marker of summer, there is a lot to look forward to as things start to cool down an the world fills with pie and pumpkin flavored everything.  I’ve found that without the start of a school year, it’s important for me to set goals, or even New Years Eve-esque resolutions […]