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  • The Darker Side to My Arts Addiction

    I started acting in this ridiculous field when I was a kid. Next year is my 25th anniversary of jumping off into the deep end. My parents–both veterans of the theatre world in different respects–warned me from the get-go not to fall into some of the common traps of growing up in theatre. They’d seen […]

  • AOC Challenge Week 2: Coffee and People Watching!

    Hello! in 2018, I’ve decided to start my own personal writing challenge based on “Acts of Connection,” something I thought about while hiking the Camino de Santiago. You can find the whole story here. In a nutshell, the past year’s terrifying political climate has distanced me even more from my community, and I’m seeking 52 […]

  • How to Return

    The past two nights, I’ve stumbled through NYC pretending that I fit in, ignoring–or hiding–that I still feel like an outsider.  I stop extra long at busy intersections–at one point so long that a feisty West Village pedestrian smacks into the back of me without a word of “Oops” or apology.  I’m in the way.  But […]

  • Day 30: The Day We Decided to Get Married

    For the final 30 days of my twenties, I am writing one personal narrative a day that has impacted my life until now.  To read more about my challenge, feel free to check out the first post.   Also, this 30-day challenge is to support a wonderful charity, Zara Aina.  Please check out my fundraiser here and if you’re able, […]

  • Public Journal in Peterborough

    Today is the first day in months, many months, when I find myself sitting in a town where I’ve never been, with nothing to do and no one to see.  I didn’t have to plan anyone’s hotel, their car, the food.  I could head up to our rental house right now and lay on the […]

  • Information Overload and the Tale of the Deadly Pear

    My pear tried to kill me this morning. I was driving to work and was, ironically, listening to a segment on NPR about their “Infomagical challenge”–all about removing distractions. Just as I rounded the corner into school, my pear, precariously placed on the middle console, leapt forward and rolled under my break pedal. Luckily, I watched a ton of Rescue 911 when I was a kid and was very prepared for this moment. Two of my childhood fears were water bottles rolling under brake pedals and playing near ravines just as the town opened the dam somewhere a mile away. I was very fortunate to be at an empty intersection, so I kicked the pear away and leaned down to grab it. I am now eating this pear–as revenge.

  • Avoiding Negativity in the Groundhog Season

    A few mornings ago, I work up to an article on Elephant Journal about what is know as the Buddhist Dön season (vowel pronounced like “could”). In a nutshell, the ten days leading up to the Tibetan New Year (this year is February 9th) are believed to enhance our awareness of daily obstacles and provoke frustration with our current situation. Whether you believe in this type of thing or not, it’s hard to ignore the how many people feel during this part of the winter — sick of the cold, groundhog about to predict six more weeks of winter, and probably a large dose of cabin fever.

  • Beaches vs. Blizzards: A little story about 2010

    Timehop can be a pretty enlightening app during its first year of use.  If you’re unfamiliar with Timehop (looking’ at you, Dad), the app displays all your social media posts and pictures taken on the current day, each year back in time.  It’s fun to check in the morning, usually to say, “Hey, another cat picture!”  But […]

  • Powerball Daydreaming: The Financial Litmus Test

    Though the odds of winning are quite slim, I did have a good deal of fun during Powerball mania. Coworkers stopped by my office to chat about their daydreams and stories bounced around about the wild ways people reacted when they mistakenly believed they won. Groups have been formed, alliances made, contracts drawn up — all over the possibility of throwing your predicted life path out the window.

  • Finding Your January Beach

    It is very chilly today in North Jersey and something funky is going on with our heat.  And by something funky I mean it isn’t turning on.  Fortunately, because it’s a super old house, the pipes that heat my upstairs neighbors run through our floor, and since those are incredibly hot, they warm our apartment at […]