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  • When the Modern Road Returns

    It’s easy to look back on a life-altering trip and color the whole experience with a rosy lens. Wrapped up neatly, I was quite content most of the trip, much more so than I managed to be in 2009 or 2017. Then again, staying upbeat for 12 days is different than staying upbeat for 35. […]

  • The Third Time I Walked Into Spain

    When I woke up in Portugal for the last time as a hiker, the aroma of brewing coffee wafted in from the common room. Someone out there is my true hero, I thought. The rest of the albergue was starting to roll out of bed and the familiar sound of backpacks being packed and teeth […]

  • Frida Kahlo and the Land of Deep Blue

    I have a tattoo on my left arm of a poppy and the word, ultreïa. This word was first seen in a 12th-century guide about how to walk the Camino, and it is believed to mean, “Go further!” The poppy, however, has a double meaning. To start, there are poppies all over the Camino Frances […]

  • The Road to Fernanda’s

    Wanted to say a quick hello to all the sweet new (and not-so-new) followers of my blog. It’s meant so much to see your views, messages, likes, and follows. I haven’t been able to write for myself since March, so I deeply appreciate all of it. October 5, 2019 Once you get past the many months […]

  • Trapped in an Elevator in the City of Roosters

    I’m feeling pretty drained today, my friends, so I’m gonna keep this a short chapter in my Camino story. But, here we go. Day 3: October 4, 2019 During my first and second Caminos, the third day of hiking was rough on both my body and mind. VERY rough. On both occasions, I injured a […]

  • Saudade and the Day I Fell in Love With Porto

    This post is part of a series. Day one of my trip lives here! September 30, 2019: Part 1 When our plane finally coasted into Monday’s sunrise, my shoulder mate rose from his sweet slumber and thanked me in Spanish for not waking him up. I helped him and his wife order breakfast from the […]

  • A Year Ago Today I Got On An Airplane

    I haven’t written a blog post since March 21st. I write for myself in my journal and I have a job where I write for companies that want to sell something or help people sell something. I’m thankful for both of those outlets. But, what do I write to you? I don’t have a clue […]

  • 13 Sensible Reasons to Walk Across a Country

    In case I haven’t convinced you to walk the Camino de Santiago in my other million posts.

  • “I’ll tell you where the real road lies.”

    “I’ll tell you where the real road lies.”

    With only 12 days to get from Porto to Santiago de Compostela, I’d have to get through some longer days to balance out the shorter ones.

  • Coming Home Requires Patience

    Coming home requires patience. I’m three weeks out from my trip and I still find myself retreating into the solitary part of my mind that shielded me from a world of little red notification flags at the top of a screen. What’s odd is that I am having trouble recounting each hiking day in my […]