Tips on Taking a Mental Monday

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA- creative commons

My school was closed for Rosh Hashanah yesterday, and so, I had an unexpected day without responsibilities.  Because of this, I was suddenly reminded of how I spent almost four years of my freelance NYC life- putzing around while the rest of the world goes to an office.  And the next time you feel completely wiped out- I highly recommend it.

It all started when I studied abroad in London.  I was a part of a very intense acting program, and taking a day off was nearly impossible.  It was condensed into one semester, so we usually had outings on weekends as well.  About three quarters of the way through, I started to burn out.  I was getting sick, grouchy, and resentful toward theatre.  So I took a leap of faith and called in sick on one sunny Monday.  Instead of staying in bed, I took to the streets!  I traveled in the opposite direction of my school to avoid bumping into any teachers looking chipper and healthy, and walked toward Convent Garden instead, about a 15 minute journey from our flat.  I had barely ever wandered in a city by myself before, especially without telling anyone where I was going.  I didn’t have a cell phone, I didn’t have a schedule, and I didn’t have a map.

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