So I was on a podcast…

Amidst the absolute madness of the past several weeks, I received an early light at the end of the tunnel in the form of an email from Dan Mullins.  Dan hosts a podcast based in Australia that interviews pilgrims from the Camino, and he found my xoJane article from last year on the experience.

I’ll be honest, I haven’t had the guts to listen to the full episode yet because the sound of my own voice makes me want to hide under a rock, but I’m making progress!  Dan did such a beautiful job with the interview, and the experience itself was not only a bucket list item, but also generally exhilarating.  After I finished the interview, I may have jumped up and down around my house and couldn’t go to sleep for a while.  Wine helped though.

My main hope is that the episode will inspire more people to go on the trek themselves. Buen Camino, all!  And if you’ve found your way to my blog via the podcast or Camino forum, WELCOME! And thank you so much for visiting!

Also, a huge thank you to John DeSilvestri for selling me his excellent mic that saved the day!

Feel free to have a listen, and definitely go check out Dan’s past episodes on Facebook!

My Podcast Episode!


54 days!

The Compass Podcast – And Why You Need to Listen to It

I need to tell you a little bit about The Compass podcast.  Because it is fantastic and was created by a fantastic lady.

compass 2

As you all know, I struggle a good deal with the inconsistent, and often discouraging, artistic lifestyle that goes along with being an actor.  As I sit here at my desk in a school in North Jersey, I don’t exactly feel like a professional artist.  It’s actually a shock to my coworkers when I tell them I am a union actor, which is understandable because I work here full-time…so how does that make me an actor?

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