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  • An Afternoon of (Almost) Writing, or How to Make Pumpkin Chili

    At the start of this post, I have one completed article, three new article pitches, and a slow cooker full of pumpkin chili.  What I do not have, my dear friends, is a single additional word of either my book outline or actual book that I set the past four hours aside to work on. […]

  • Elite Daily Veggie Recipe Publication

    Hey there Thursday! Elite Daily has published a veggie recipe I wrote up several weeks ago in honor of Vegetarian month!

  • Fresh Summer Chicken Teriyaki on Warm Maple Zucchini Salad

    This is a fantastic meal to put together if you have time to prep something early on and then only a short amount of notice to heat it up. The prep takes a little bit of time (not all that much) but the cooking itself only takes about 5 minutes. The balance of the cold gazpacho-esque topping is very refreshing and fresh on a hot night, especially next to the spicy chicken and warm zucchini.

  • Lazy Sunday Recipe: Corn and Summer Veggie Beer Sauté

    This week’s recipe is brought to you by lack of sleep, beer, and the letter B.  For beer!   Photo credit- frugal-cafe.com Cooking when you’re tired and punchy can be tricky.  But you still have to eat.  There are plenty of days when getting in the car and safely reaching the store for any special […]