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  • Beaches vs. Blizzards: A little story about 2010

    Timehop can be a pretty enlightening app during its first year of use.  If you’re unfamiliar with Timehop (looking’ at you, Dad), the app displays all your social media posts and pictures taken on the current day, each year back in time.  It’s fun to check in the morning, usually to say, “Hey, another cat picture!”  But […]

  • Blogher Publication and a Post about Tigers!

    The artists that I know, including myself, get up every day and attend or submit to auditions even though we’re often terrified about never hearing back. We call ourselves actors even though some days we’re afraid that’s not true. We go to our full-time or several part-time jobs even though were scared it’s taking us away from our art. And we get up on stage or put our ideas out into the world even though were nervous they may not be well received.

  • Social Media for the People, Not the Peeple

    Let’s use the tools provided by our current, functional social media platforms to lift everyone up. We are not numbers, we are not ratings, we are not Yelp reviews. We are human beings trying desperately to connect to one another and feel that we have a place in our day-to-day lives. We are trying, and we do not, be any means, need this effort to be diminished to a meaningless number.