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  • Answering a Few Camino FAQs

    Answering a Few Camino FAQs

    Last week, I posted a question on Facebook and Instagram for a new writing project. Outside of these weekly blog posts, I’m outlining a book that attempts to pull off two things: tell the story of my 2017 Camino and directly address the reader as if they are on the verge of their own hike—even […]

  • The Journey Back

    I’ve written a lot about coming home from the Camino and how the process can be harder than the walk itself. After three of these crazy journeys, I’ve found that it takes almost exactly a year for me to suddenly realize how I’ve changed. The year leading up to it is wildly confusing, especially the […]

  • Rewinding 12 Days of Hiking in 3 Hours

    I ripped off the bandaid rather early on my last morning in Santiago. I shoved all my things into my backpack one more time and said goodbye to my comfortable hotel haven, to the cathedral, and to the people at Pilgrim House. I exited the city the way I came in, past the restaurant where […]

  • One Day Without Motion

    Waking up in Santiago feels pretty darn good. It takes a moment to realize, however, that you’re in a room by yourself and you have nowhere to walk. My body shifts into healing mode the moment I arrive. I typically feel sorer on the first day in Santiago than I do the whole trip. I […]

  • The Third Time I Walked Into Spain

    When I woke up in Portugal for the last time as a hiker, the aroma of brewing coffee wafted in from the common room. Someone out there is my true hero, I thought. The rest of the albergue was starting to roll out of bed and the familiar sound of backpacks being packed and teeth […]

  • A Year Ago Today I Got On An Airplane

    I haven’t written a blog post since March 21st. I write for myself in my journal and I have a job where I write for companies that want to sell something or help people sell something. I’m thankful for both of those outlets. But, what do I write to you? I don’t have a clue […]

  • A Story About a Bee and a Hug

    On the second-to-last day of our hike to Santiago, Christina and I weren’t exactly on the top of our game. While Christina’s physical health was wavering, my mental stability and patience with the trip fell more and more each minute. I was growing weary of the whole ordeal, which is not where you want to […]

  • Camino de Santiago FAQ

    If you’re interested in hiking the Camino de Santiago, head on over to my sister site, The Native Navigator, for a basic FAQ! Camino de Santiago FAQ