Local Traveler: Tinmouth & Wallingford

A week ago, I was asked to write a blog post for a website about “Local Wanderlust”- a term I showed interest in creating, even though the world “Wanderlust” itself gets under my skin.  The purpose of my article was to shed light on local travel and growing curiosity for the simple places we live in or can visit nearby.  It doesn’t require a lot of money, any wild plans, or the need to change your life around. The surprise?  I LOVED writing it.  I didn’t even realize until I finished the piece that this has always been my passion.  Even when I had travel overseas, my favorite details are in the small, personal towns.  It’s in the local bars without a name, the strange coffee shops owned by a man considered the mayor, and the stories that made the town what it is.  

So with all the chances Ben and I have in the next several weeks to visit some little-known places, I figured, why not start now?  This weekend, we go off to one of my favorite places on the east coast.  So it makes sense that it would be my first attempt at a new project.

Wallingford and Tinmouth, Vermont: Home of the best bacon I’ve ever had


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