30 Days of Voluntary “Unemployment”

I think it is important to start this blog with an explanation of the new decision I’ve made for myself.  Not an explanation for anyone else, but more for my own panicking brain that is wondering why I cannot seem to stay in a job which separates me from my desire, no decision, to be a successful actress.

In the past 9 months, I have left Crumbs Bakery, a paid- internship with the Broadway Green Alliance, P.S. 40 afterschool program, and have bombed about 10 interviews.  The jury is still out on whether these interviews were purposely bombed by my pressing subconscious which has been screaming that I pursue acting since I’ve graduated college two years ago.

So here I go!  Basically broke to begin with, I will spend the next several weeks focusing solely on my auditions, audition materials, and search for an agent.  I will try to support myself on background shoots, temp work, and substitute teaching after-school classes.  I am always up for an adventure, or the path less taken, so here goes.

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