New Mantras for a New Month

Been a strange couple of weeks, definitely with its ups and downs.  On the up side, I turned 25!  I can officially rent a car with lower insurance and advertise alcohol!  Also, it feels nice to be a good solid number like 25.  I celebrated by having a passionate and drunk conversation with some wonderful friends who seem to be in a similar boat.  Sometimes a lot of pumpkin flavored beer can help you sort through your anxieties about a city.  We went to Peculiar Pub on Bleeker Steet; which has cheap beer, a lack of dude-bros* for that area, and an amazing collection of snacky foods.

*Note: Dude-Bro:

I don't know who these guys are, I'm sure they're fine gentlemen. But this came up when I googled dude-bro. And I thought it would help.

After that great night though, Ben and I both came down with a mean flu, which not only knocked us out for most of the weekend, but brought on a lot of stress about catching up with life.  Come Sunday night, my mood had taken a turn for the worst and honestly I wanted to be anywhere but here.  And here comes that mantra I’m talking about.  “I’m where I want to be.”  Yes, it sort of sounds like a Visa commercial, but here’s what I’m getting at:

Today I had the day off, and in the midst of my angst while sitting in a Brazilian coffee shop, I had this incredibly elaborate daydream.  It was about Ben and I moving to Brazil and spending a winter away from chilly New York to write and catch up on our lounging.  Ben’s show has just opened for the second time on Broadway and my acclaimed children’s book (Marshall the Pigeon {oh, this is happening!}), has hit the shelves.  We wear a lot of flowing linen clothing and large brimmed hats.  While sitting in my cafe in Astoria, I even spaced out and tried to imagine the beach outside instead of the Sudz laundromat.

Later when I was walking home, I realized how much time I spend being nostalgic, either for my Spain trip, London, college, or even places I’ve never been.  But when I really think back to it, when I was in these places, I spent a great deal of time being nostalgic for somewhere else.  Seems a bit silly, eh?  Okay, so in my book, I enjoy Spain more than NYC.

I'd take this…
…Over this.

But I can’t always be hiking in Spain.  It wouldn’t get me anywhere, other than, well…the other side of Spain.  But I am here, in New York, trying to do what I love.  And when I suddenly looked at Astoria tonight as somewhere I had been missing,  it took on a whole new meaning.  I was excited to be here, and it no longer seemed like a chore or a struggle.  So though this may not be an overnight change of heart, it’s a beginning, and that’s why it’s a mantra.

In other news…

Favorite cafe of the week: The Chocolate Spoon Cafe in Astoria on 31st Ave.

Really delicious and cheap coffee, usually empty on weekday afternoons, sweet people, and the ability to transport you to Brazil.  Or at least try.  It may have changed its name recently, I noticed a new sign, but it’s across from like 5 laundromats in a row and a church.  Let me know, we’ll go.

Best kid quote of the week:

Boy in Toy Design: Smell my hands, they smell great!

Me: They smell like glue, do you like the smell of glue?

Boy: (With great earnest) No, only oatmeal cookies.

He then looked at me very seriously and kept working.  Children have very strong opinions sometimes.

Favorite Casting Notice of the Week:

For the show Unforgettable:

“Seeking Real Ghost Hunters.  Please include links to your experience.”

….does running around Drew University’s campus looking for ghosts in the basement of Hoyt and the library count?  Because I think that makes me a ghost hunter.

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