Wine, Soup, and Vision Boards

Last night could not have been better timing to cozy up in Christina’s apartment with a stack of magazines and some glue.  I quit a job yesterday.  It was definitely necessary but of course made me feel like crap about the next few weeks and finding an extra job.  Sometimes being broke is better than working for a crazy person.  Actually, it always is.  Unless you know me super well, you don’t know who I’m referring to so I feel comfortable putting this online.  But I can sum up pretty quickly that the best comparison of her was the “other-mother” from Coraline.  (If you haven’t seen it, please do, great movie.)

If your boss also looks like this, consider quitting.

Anyway, Christina and I had been planning for a while to make 2012 vision boards, a project that has been incredibly helpful for my wandering personality lately.  Vision boards, in a nutshell, are similar to those magazine collages you made in 7th grade to represent your personality in art class.  The difference is that while flipping through magazines, books, the internet, etc., you hold on to whatever images speak to you as far as goals and your future.  And you don’t have to worry about getting a check or check plus (or the dreaded check minus…whatever that meant.)  There are lots of theories behind discovering what we actually want from life, especially when we’re having problems with direction.  After compiling pictures for a while, you spread out the images/phrases and look for similarities.  It’s surprising if you don’t over analyze your selections (I suggest a good bottle of Trader Joe’s wine and music to distract you) to realize that though the pictures alone may seem bizarre, they usually all fit together in some odd way.  And even if they don’t make sense now, they may down the line.  The trick is to put it somewhere in your house where you will see it every day so these ideas get stuck in your head.   All in all, it’s pretty nifty.

This is a great article about them…oh Oprah.

To start off the night, Christina and I took to the kitchen, as we often do, and made a surprisingly awesome meal of soup and sweet potatoes for us and Jackie, Christina’s fabulous roommate.  We were so proud of our adult-like accomplishment that we took a picture…


This was topped off with an awesome TJ wine and one grape flavored Smirnoff, which I liked because it tasted like carbonated Dimetapp (No judging, please).  Then we attacked every magazine in their apartment with scissors just started chopping.   After a few hours of chatting, chopping, and gluing, here are our finished products.  Please excuse the awful glare:


Since I don’t think it’s cool to analyze anyone else’ vision board on here, I’ll just chat about mine.  All my images were focused on woman, dancing, music and letting go.  Well, hey!  That makes sense.  To prove this isn’t what my board would always look like, my December one was covered in images of food, cozy homes, and phrases about not being broke.  So it looks like my  priorities have shifted a bit.  I strongly suggest trying one out with the New Year and all especially if you’re in need of a pick-me-up.  It is very enlightening.  

I say we all got a check plus:)  Happy collaging!!

PS…please feel free comment if you’ve done your own/have any suggestions about making them/or just want to say hi!

2 responses to “Wine, Soup, and Vision Boards”

  1. I loved spending the night being creative both in the kitchen and with the vision boards… such a great way to focus going into the month. Here’s to 2012 and having a great year! xx Christina


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