Day 3: Stop Hating on New Jersey

About a week after Ben and I moved into our current apartment, we decided to move out.  Of course we had a year lease, so here we are.  That wonderful day is approaching.  We’ve had many lovely times this year, and I will definitely miss the apartment itself.  It was our first and all.  But I won’t miss is the rent, the constant noise, the not-so-inviting neighborhood, the mold, the chipping paint, or Miss Loud Feet upstairs.  I think she wears clogs.  She may or may not clog dance in spite every time I watch LOST too loudly.

This…leads to…

As time went on, our decision to move to Jersey City was  more and more a clear one.  Cheaper rent, there are plenty of good neighborhoods nowadays, and it’s an escape from the city craziness that I have just never found appealing.  It’s the same geographical distance as if we were to move to Brooklyn and it’s off the Path.  The Path is $2.  What do I mean by cheaper rent you ask?  Ben and I have seen decent apartments listed for as low as $800 for a 1 bedroom.  That’s total, not per person.  Usually the washer and dryer is in the apartment and get this…there’s a backyard.

The problem I’m having are the reactions to our Jersey move.  We mainly get “uuuughhh, why?” or “I would feel like that is giving up.”  “I could never do that.  I came here to be a New Yorker.”  Or my all time favorite, “New Jersey is gross.”  I’m sorry if you happen to be one of my friends who has had this reaction.  I love you as a person, but don’t agree with you.  Which is cool.  I’m sure I told you I didn’t agree at the time anyway.

Bushwick. Maybe for you. Not for me.

On Saturday we’re checking out a 2 bedroom for $1200 with a private deck, backyard, and storage space.  What the heck would we do with an extra bedroom?  Office?  Guest room?  Shrine for Viola?!  Who cares!  How does Jersey City pull this off?  It doesn’t have the real estate ego New York City gets away with.  You want to live in an old factory in Bushwick?  Well you have to pay too much for it.  Because so do thousands of other hipsters.  But I will respect your decision and not give you crap if that’s your thing.

Setting the story straight

Highland Lakes, where I grew up.

Go to New Jersey before you think you know it from television.  I grew up in a beautiful lake community.  I can walk to the Appalachian train from my house.  People leave their car keys in their car because it’s just that safe.  The only real threat is bears.  And by no means is anyone there particularly wealthy.  Also, I have a friend who grew up in a gorgeous house by the Jersey Shore.  People travel every summer hours down south just to find views like she has.   I don’t understand all the Jersey hate.  Rent a car, go explore.  Just steer clear of Union County.  And most of Camden.

So after spending so many years trying to find a way out of Jersey (because I thought I was too cool to stay where I grew up)  I miss it too much and am moving back.  Give me a washer, dryer, lower rent, and a little less noise any day.  I think I can handle the Path for all that.

Actual Picture from Highland Lakes found on Google

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