Day 4: Oh so tired

After waking up at 6am for camp and then going right to my show, I am beat.  But in an attempt to stick with my blog challenge, I am at least writing something.  So as a quick post, I’m going to plug my show!:)

It is the last weekend of my show!  If you’re in the NYC area, stop on by the Sailors and Soldiers monument in Riverside Park.  It’s off of 89th street.

Hudson Warehouse Shakespeare Company  presents

The Rover by Aphra Behn!

6:30 the next three nights

If you’ve ever wanted to see me dressed as a prostitute and a boy in two hours, now’s your chance! I’m a wee part but very proud to be part of a great production with a fabulous cast.

Also…it’s free!

Please let me know if you’re coming by, and we’ll grab a beer afterwards.  And now…to bed.

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