House Hunting: Round 1

It has begun!  Ben and I ventured to Jersey City today and looked at our first apartment.  I have made the vow to be truly honest with myself this year and speak up when something bothers me about the place.  I was expecting a NYC-type broker to show up, one that would hound us with questions about our income and pressure us to make a decision on the spot.  But this guy showed up with his adorable 8 month old son, a great sign.  He was lovely.  We chatted for a while and when we asked what we would need to give him for the application he said “Proof of income at least.  Otherwise, the landlord trusts me if I think you’re nice people.”  What a relief.  Old fashioned trust.  He also thanked us for being pleasant.

Last year Ben and I were close to giving up hope on apartments after looking for several weeks.  The best place we saw in our price range was a depressing studio above a bar called Biff’s or something.  It wasn’t called that, but it might as well have been.  The lit up bar sign was outside out own living room window.  There was a cockroach in the silverware drawer and it smelled like beer.  And this was one of the more spacious ones.

Today we saw the place with the 2 bedrooms and backyard.  It was GORGEOUS.  It isn’t for us but that’s okay.  No refrigerator and the walk from the train made me feel a wee bit nervous.  But Monday night Ben and I are back again with the same realtor to look at a charming place on Elizabeth Street.  It’s lined with trees.  TALL ONES.  To say that they’ve been there a while and the neighborhood has been cozy and residential for some time.  Who knows what the inside looks like, but I’m excited and have much more hope than last year.


The second we find one, we will begin planning another housewarming.  Theme ideas are welcome.
We also ran into someone on the way back to the Path from Drew.  Because we are everywhere.


Until tomorrow!

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