A still morning

I want to write about the Camino, but I can’t pretend that 9/11 isn’t on my mind.  I take the Path from Jersey City to the WTC for my temp job.  My 8:05 train, where I am usually squeezed between two gray suited men, was nearly empty.  I sat because there were open seats.  When I reached Vesey Street, the small cross street that runs parallel to the WTC site, it was backed up with the normal collection of Wall Street commuters.   But the rush and noise of the morning wasn’t there.  At the end of the block, crossing guards let pedestrians cross the street in groups, occasionally closing a yellow chain.  The construction makes the intersection overcrowded during rush hour, so this does help.  But since the road in back of St. Paul’s Chapel was blocked off, the group of people waiting on Vesey street was backed up nearly halfway down the block.  When I reached the crowd of muted grays and blues waiting to walk, I expected the normal nudging and rushing.  But it was still, and eerily silent.  Everyone waited patiently, especially when we rounded the corner and saw the line of news trucks, police officers, and tourists.  It was so still.  And occasionally the chain was opened and people moved slowly and politely forward.  There were a group of students with notepads writing things down as we walked by.  No clue what the was about.  There was also a man yelling about how 9/11 was an American conspiracy.  The second we got ear of him, about 5 people around me whipped their faces around gave him a “don’t screw with us right now” look and he stopped talking.  Fair.  After I left the area, the regular vibe returned, but I am sure the significance of today is on many people’s minds.
There will be a post about two more days of hiking this afternoon, but I am going to take my time with them.  Have a great day all, I am lucky to have all of you in my life:)

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