Blogging Break

Hi all.  Normally on Sunday, at least for the past two weeks, I include a new recipe I’m working on.  I also have some beautiful photos from Vermont that I look forward to sharing this week.  Unfortunately, there are days that simply stop you in your tracks.  On the way home from our trip, I learned that a incredible young women I once knew, was killed in Manhattan last night.  E’dena Hines and I have not had the chance to speak in years, but all of us who went to school with her would agree that she was a powerful and inspiring force of energy.  She exuded joy.  She was someone you simply never forgot having the chance to know and work with.

I am heartbroken for her family and am thinking of all our fellow classmates processing this news.

I couldn’t find any pictures of the piece we did together, other than this one.  At the start of the piece, those shadows behind the scrim were the rest of us, getting ready to come on.  She was always back there pumping us up and making us laugh.   Our friendship was brief, but I am honored to have known and shared a stage with her incredible spirit.


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