Diet Chronicles: Day 4. The Sarcasm Phase

Creative Commons via Haystaak Photography
Creative Commons via Haystaak Photography

If you haven’t had a chance to check out why I’m taking on this crazy food challenge, check out my most recent post here.

Healthy Lying

I have something to admit.  While all your very sweet support was pouring in two days ago, I was sitting in a friend’s house eating a homemade brownie covered in mascarpone whipped cream.  Because when your friend makes homemade brownies covered in mascarpone cheese, you take it.  Especially when there’s wine…and it’s snowing outside…and your football team is losing.  But I let go of the shame with the support of my other friends on the diet and we accepted that diets are not made to make you miserable.

Other than a little cheating last night, I am back in sugar detox-land.  It’s like I restarted the clock.  The exhaustion hasn’t turned up yet, but I feel like a bit of sarcastic shell of a human being.  Physically I feel fantastic,  I can stand up after eating without saying, “Uuuggh”….which probably should have been a red flag to begin with. But all in all, I eat a meal and that’s just that.  I don’t want to take a nap afterwards or sprint to our coffee maker in desperation.

Mentally on the other hand, I’m a bit different.  I have the feeling that everyone must be pulling my leg whenever they ask me to do anything, which is problematic seeing that I have another 45 minutes covering the reception desk.  Luckily, working in a middle school means that I generally fit in with the 6th-8th graders as far as sarcasm levels.  It’s not quite as ideal for a working adult.

At least the house is clean

As dull as I feel right now, the only thing I could seem to focus on last night was cleaning the house.  I didn’t want to read because all I could think was, “Who cares what you have to say!”  * Slams Book, chucks it across room, instantly fetches it and puts its in a neat book pile *  And I didn’t want to watch TV because I couldn’t quite sit still.  So I cleaned, and polished, and dusted, and folded.  So the house is clean, but I am still a grouch.

I am starting to wonder if I am simply adjusting to having more focus.  Without the sugar cloud, I can’t slump into a chair with Call the Midwife and call it a night.  I am also VERY AWAKE.  So testing how this will effect my anxiety is going to be a fun experiment.

Native Navigator Progress

The other good thing about this new focus is I am dying to write.  Remember that website I spoke about way-back-when?  You know, the one that was going to get launch by the end of last October.  Funny joke!  Well, it’s back!  I am two posts away from launching it.  I need one warm day to wander Montclair and take some good photos, and tomorrow evening to throw some (hopefully) delicious chicken together and then I am ready to launch!

I’m really loving how it’s looking so far.  If you’re interested in updates, please follow me on twitter @NativeNavigator.  That would mean a whole lot to this sarcastic grump today.  The current plan is to launch by the end of January!

Writing about my journeys along this diet/lifestyle change is keeping me sane through it, so thank you ahead of time for taking the time to read my crazy ramblings.  Who knows, maybe by the end I will be singing the praises of sugar-detoxing.  Or maybe that’s also  just a bit of sarcasm.


4 responses to “Diet Chronicles: Day 4. The Sarcasm Phase”

  1. I would eat that dessert also. YUMMY.
    I did pretty well yesterday, my bf and I made honey soy chicken for dinner with sweet potatoes. I had a few cookies (small ones, okay? lol.) for dessert but still wrote them down on MyFitnessPal. I also did an hour of zumba yesterday so hopefully that helped.


    • That’s awesome. That recipe sounds delightful. And I’ve been meaning to try Zumba, I feel like it would be up my alley. I feel like all this diet shifting has to be within reason, otherwise you’ll start to resent it and the whole thing will fall apart.


  2. Sugar detox? I’m afraid what it would do to my body and my mind! Loose a few inches around the waist maybe? Be alert at boring meetings? And what would happen to my afternoon (involuntary) naps at my desk? The burger and fries hit my stomach and within minutes I’m out. Only problem with that is that a co-worker enjoys taking pictures of me and showing them around. And I would have to give up my afternoon trips to Gregory’s for coffee and a chocolate smores cookie? Hang in there!

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