Zara Aina Update

Well, it’s only been nine days, and we’re already at 44% of my birthday goal for Zara Aina!!!  I met with several members of the organization last night, as well as a bunch of other new prospective volunteers, and learned even more about this incredible group.  First off, I had to remind myself that they have accomplished an immense amount of educational work both in Madagascar and America in only about five years.  I’m so happy that this writing challenge and my birthday plan lined up with learning more about this inspiring group of people.

If you want to be even more blown away, go ahead and watch their video about Mirana, a student that has been with them since the beginning.  To hear more about their plans for the future, watch to the end of the film where they mention their goal to build a permanent space in Madagascar and to continue growing their outreach across the country.  And please consider either sharing the campaign or sending a few dollars the way of the fundraiser.  Thanks again all!  Love love love!

Check out my birthday fundraiser here!

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