Day 16: Fundraiser THANK YOU and Silly Student Quotes

First of all, I have to send a huge thank you to Jessie and Dan Blum Gabriel for donating to my fundraiser for Zara Aina.  In the past year, they have become a huge part of our Montclair community of lovely people.  They are both generous and loving–and have two beautiful boys!!  Because of you, we are now at 64%!!

Us at Thanksgiving last year with the whole gang! (photo via Lindsey Weisman)
Us at Thanksgiving last year with the whole gang–Jess and Dan on the far right! (photo via Lindsey Weisman)


Second of all,  I need to keep my story short today because I have a crazy-busy afternoon.  And so I have compiled the following list, gathered from my five years as a teaching artist and summer arts teacher in NYC.  These were almost all from students between the ages of 4 and 10.  I will add more throughout the day as more come to me.

The Most Adorable Moments of Innocence/Fabulous Quotes from my Former Students

During a Q and A with 1st graders in Florida in 2009:

Student: “Miss, are you married?”

Me: “Nope!”

Student: (with a concerned face) “Oh no, it’s too late for you then!”


After seeing one of my brightest students sitting confused by her arts supplies during a “build your house” project with recyclable materials:

Student: “I just don’t understand yet.”

Me: “Can you explain to me which part is confusing you?”

Student: “How will we fit inside the building if we make it out of milk cartons?”


After I entered a room of all boys for a workshop:

Student: “You’re really lucky, you know.  Teaching all boys is much easier than teaching girls.”

Me:  “Interesting.  Any why do you feel that way?”

Student: “Because our teacher said so.”

Me: “….”


While we were making light-up name buttons in a shape that represented our personality:

Kindergartner: “I made a Jewish Star because I love being Jewish!  Can I make them for anyone Jewish in the class?”

*I turn around to see four students proudly wearing stick-on, yellow Jewish stars on their shirts*

Me: “Ah!”


After a stressful trip to a Brooklyn playground because of the heat:

Me: “And sometimes, we overcome difficult things because we are brave.  Can we think of another time we overcame something and then felt brave?”

Student, while standing up exuberantly, arms up in the air: “Yes! LIKE THAT TIME I HAD LIIIIIIICE!”


Overheard in the hallway between two 2nd graders:

One girl to another: “Well we’ve been engaged since Kindergarten, so one day I’m just gonna remind him that we have to get  married.”

The other girl in reply, “That’s really smart.”


Overheard in the hallway

“Wait, it’s ‘paddle from other side! No ‘Hello.’  It’s a song about Adele in a boat!”


While performing in a playwriting assembly for elementary school students (in an audience-run improv):

Suggestion from audience:  “You’re Britney Spears!”

Castmate: “And what is her conflict?”

Suggestion from audience: “She’s slowly turning into a tree that’s catching on fire!”

Castmate: “Okay–and go!”


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