Day 21: Big Fundraiser THANK YOUS!

The past 24 hours have been pretty exciting over in the fundraising world.  I have three sets of people to thank today!!  And we’re at 90%!!!

Debi and Ben Goodrich!

Ben and Debi are both awesome coworkers of mine, and very generously donated yesterday!!  I am so lucky to have Debi to chat with about my blog posts–and it always makes me smile when she says she’s given it a look:)  Thanks, guys!!!


Kelli Meyer!

Oh my goodness, Kelli Meyer!  I’ve known Kelli for 11 years.  ELEVEN YEARS. She’s been my bridesmaid, my roommate, my long-distance driving buddy, and oh yeah, a really great friend.  Love you, lady!


Cortney Conrad!

‘Tis a good day for roommate donations.  I lived with Cortney in college and she has been a dear friend since Drew.  Though she is far away in Colorado now, I miss her so!

We're so little!! And still learning to take selfies!!
We’re so little!! And still learning to take selfies!!

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