Day 24: We’re at 99%!!!

So I don’t normally post this early about the fundraiser, but guys, we are $8 away from the goal!!!!  With a week to go!!!  And here’s the great thing about this fundraiser, there’s no reason we have to stop at $900.  If you need to re-inspire yourself this Thursday morning (especially after the anxiety-causing disaster we watched last night) check out Zara Aina’s site, and believe in the world again!  Either way, if any one is up to sending $8, you will be the official fundraiser finisher!

Here are the three people that helped us reach this yesterday…

Zach and Leslie Hoover!


I love these two people so much!!  They knew my husband way before I did, but I like to pretend I’ve known  them for just as long.  They are incredible friends, gracious hosts, amazing parents, and very generous in all the admirable political and philanthropic work they do in their lives.

Carlaina Bell!


I couldn’t ask for a more positive person to sit right across the hall from me at work.  Carlaina is the loveliest of coworkers and so generous for donating to my fundraiser–because of her, we’re now at 99%!  Also, she has the best dresses.  Like, how do I find these dresses?

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