Day 30 Thank Yous–And just all-around HOORAY!

I have to say a final, massive thank you to everyone who supported my stories and fundraiser over the past 30 days.  I took a writing break yesterday after realizing how worn out I’d become after dragging a personal tale out of my brain every day for a month.  In a way I am going to miss it, and on the other hand, I am happy to climb into my little introvert shell for a bit.  More on this later though.  Until then–

We raised $1,092 for Zara Aina!!!!!

This is absolutely incredible.  That’s 21% over my goal during the month.  I have two more people to thank for the final donations that rolled in.  Though the 30 days is through, this fundraising page will always stay hanging out on Crowdrise.  If you still get inspired to give this way, I will happily stop what I’m doing and still write you a thank you post.  You are all amazing!!!

Jenna Clancey!!

So, not only is Jenna a super-awesome coworker and much-needed presence of positivity and silliness, but she’s also very generous!  For about four months of working with her I was convinced she was a 4th grade math teacher, which is not true.  She works in development.  I am still tickled by this.  I am so lucky to have her as a friend and fellow MKA lady!



Claire “The Liar” Higgins!!!

Okay, let me explain.  A. This is the nickname Claire used to donate, and B. Claire is not actually a liar.  Senior year of college, my quad all chose silly nicknames for ourselves like we were a 90s sitcom.  Claire was not present to fend for herself, so we made her The Liar.  It stuck.  Claire and her lies!  Anyway, Claire is awesome and donated to my fundraiser!  I know her from…living together, being in three singing groups together, walking across a country together, and from her being my bridesmaid.  We’re basically related at this point.  Love youuuuuu.


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