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  • Santiago Sneaks Up on You

    The funny thing about a trip of this length is that the end feels impossibly far away until suddenly, it isn’t. I woke up on the 9th day of walking with the realization that I only had three more days to be a pilgrim. I love this identity. I may not be religious, but the […]

  • When the Modern Road Returns

    It’s easy to look back on a life-altering trip and color the whole experience with a rosy lens. Wrapped up neatly, I was quite content most of the trip, much more so than I managed to be in 2009 or 2017. Then again, staying upbeat for 12 days is different than staying upbeat for 35. […]

  • Frida Kahlo and the Land of Deep Blue

    I have a tattoo on my left arm of a poppy and the word, ultreïa. This word was first seen in a 12th-century guide about how to walk the Camino, and it is believed to mean, “Go further!” The poppy, however, has a double meaning. To start, there are poppies all over the Camino Frances […]

  • The Story of Ponte de Lima

    I’m having a hard day today. I can’t seem to bring myself to write like I usually do, but I’m determined to stick with this project either way. The 5th day of hiking–from Fernanda’s house to the city of Ponte de Lima–was beautiful. We saw sheep, we walked through stunning landscapes, and we met a […]

  • The Road to Fernanda’s

    Wanted to say a quick hello to all the sweet new (and not-so-new) followers of my blog. It’s meant so much to see your views, messages, likes, and follows. I haven’t been able to write for myself since March, so I deeply appreciate all of it. October 5, 2019 Once you get past the many months […]

  • Trapped in an Elevator in the City of Roosters

    I’m feeling pretty drained today, my friends, so I’m gonna keep this a short chapter in my Camino story. But, here we go. Day 3: October 4, 2019 During my first and second Caminos, the third day of hiking was rough on both my body and mind. VERY rough. On both occasions, I injured a […]

  • And Then The World Looked Beautiful Again

    There is little room for cynicism on the Camino. As someone who has struggled with depression since I was a teenager, cynicism is one of the easiest–and yet most damaging–habits I can fall into or spend too much time around. The ideas of “this will never get better, ” “Things will probably be terrible today,” […]

  • Back on the Road

    This post is part of a series. Check out the first post if you’re starting from the top! I slept a total of four hours that night–which is about three hours more than the nights before my first two Caminos. So, I considered it a win. I’d wrestled in and out of consciousness most of […]

  • The Day Before

    This is a series about my Camino Portugues last year at this time! You can check out the first three posts here, here, and here🙂 I’ve never liked being a traditional tourist. I know that makes me sound like I think I’m above it all, but I genuinely dislike the process of “seeing the sights” […]

  • Post-Nap Porto and the Beer Pilgrimage

    This is part of a series on my trip last year. You can read the first and second posts here. Part 2: September 30, 2019 It is dark in my room when I wake up. The curtains are closed but I can’t see what time it is outside. Is it Tuesday? Or has only a […]