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  • Day 30: The Day We Decided to Get Married

    For the final 30 days of my twenties, I am writing one personal narrative a day that has impacted my life until now.  To read more about my challenge, feel free to check out the first post.   Also, this 30-day challenge is to support a wonderful charity, Zara Aina.  Please check out my fundraiser here and if you’re able, […]

  • Day 19: Quick 1-ish sentence stories about wedding planning

    For today’s quick Saturday post, I present….one (-ish) sentence stories about wedding planning! We knew the place was fancy–but not our type of fancy–when they told us that styrofoam swan in the entranceway was an extra charge. Ben had never seen me watch reality TV until the day after he proposed, after which I spent […]

  • Blooms By the Box Featured Our Wedding!

    How flippin’ cool is this?  Blooms by the box, the fantastic wholesale floral company we used to arrange our wedding flowers, featured our story and photos on their blog!  Right after we got married, I had this weird DIY-overacheiver-panic that I was supposed to somehow be crafty and stylish enough to be featured on a […]

  • New Offbeat Bride Publication: Top 5 joys of attending a wedding after yours is over

    Woohoo!  The Offbeat community has been very welcoming and supportive.  I highly recommend wandering around their sites.  Here is a version of my recent post on Offbeat Bride: Top 5 joys of attending a wedding after yours is over

  • The Joys of Being a Wedding Guest — After Your Own Wedding

    When our own wedding was approaching, and I was wrapped up in a pile of contracts, hot glue guns, and stress, my husband and I got some wonderful words of wisdom: “The weddings you attend after your wedding are SO much fun.”

  • Offbeat Bride Publication

    It’s been a very strange day (see prior post for more details) but I got some wonderful news last week that Offbeat Bride picked up one of my articles on wedding planning.  I have always loved this site.  It takes away the stereotypes and pressures placed on brides and weddings.  I was so honored to […]

  • A Mindful Wedding: Pinterest Propaganda

    About a week before the wedding, I was using our paper cutter at work to slice the ceremony programs (which is why they were all a little crooked). I texted my bridesmaid Helen to ask to if I should order a bushel of dried lavender so I could glue a sprig on each program and […]

  • The Best Laid Wedding (and life) Plans

    Here is a message to all those about to get married, thinking about getting married, and those whose wedding is long past.  It is also a message I suppose to anyone looking forward to anything, which I would hope, is everyone who has stumbled upon this blog. I have often been accused of being a […]

  • A Perfectly Imperfect Wedding

    It has taken some time to figure out how to express our wedding planning experience.  It’s like going on a life changing trip and then having people ask, “Well, how’d it go?”  You have too much to say, and yet nothing you can think of seems to do it justice. To begin though, it helps […]