Day 19: Quick 1-ish sentence stories about wedding planning

For today’s quick Saturday post, I present….one (-ish) sentence stories about wedding planning!


We knew the place was fancy–but not our type of fancy–when they told us that styrofoam swan in the entranceway was an extra charge.

Ben had never seen me watch reality TV until the day after he proposed, after which I spent approximately one year studying David Tutera’s every piece of advice while covered in a blanket on the couch.

Who knew that a night with friends and a case of Trader Joes wine would finally break my pattern of insomnia the night before the wedding.

We found that some couples felt their vendors were their servants, while we saw ours as people we could grab coffee with and meet their dogs.

I went through several phases of decor obsessions–one of which involved covering the centerpieces in actual moss.  Thank goodness for bridesmaids to talk you off this ledge.

I wrote my vows on the beach, the morning of the wedding–corn muffin in hand, after three hours of sleep. The original ones were nowhere near as genuine.

We have successfully snuck into our venue’s dining room two years in a row to recreate our first day.

“The dance floor is in a separate area, and isn’t very big, but that’s not the focus of your reception here.”  We knew at that moment, this wasn’t the place for us.

It was proof that my whole family–from all over the country–could finally stand in one room and celebrate together as adults.

I gave up on the ribbon curtain when my cat Viola ran off with half of it as a cat toy.

I would write more but…

I’m currently drinking champagne because my sister found a wedding dress!!  What a thematic day!!


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