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  • How Diane Lane Narrating My Life Became This Blog

    Little Thoughts on Finding Your Writing Voice I’ve been in career mode recently.  I love when my brain lets me go there.  I have these occasional waves of motivation, usually timed with the changing of the seasons.  Fall is a big one for me.  I want to fill my house with pumpkin smells, wrap up […]

  • Blooms By the Box Featured Our Wedding!

    How flippin’ cool is this?  Blooms by the box, the fantastic wholesale floral company we used to arrange our wedding flowers, featured our story and photos on their blog!  Right after we got married, I had this weird DIY-overacheiver-panic that I was supposed to somehow be crafty and stylish enough to be featured on a […]

  • The Native Navigator Launch Day!

    Put on your party hats, friends!  I have finally launched The Native Navigator! It is still very much a work in progress, but as I find my way, it would mean more than the world to me if you either followed the blog, followed me on Twitter at @NativeNavigator or Liked my Facebook page.  I […]

  • Speranza Theatre Support and Blog Promo Opportunity!

    Happy Friday! I have a very special theatre company to tell you about, one that I have worked with for the past year and a half and cannot recommend enough. Speranza Theatre Company in Jersey City is a rapidly growing professional theatre group that promotes the works of female playwrights, plays supporting women’s issues, and projects with strong female characters. It is also a huge part of Jersey City’s expanding arts scene.

  • The Financial Diet- Survival Job Publication

    Hello all! Though I took a mini blogging hiatus last week, I’m excited to announce that I had an original article published by The Financial Diet, a marvelous website that simplifies navigating a healthy financial lifestyle. They also published my article several weeks ago, about backwards budgeting.

  • Eyebrow Blogher Publication!

    What a fun evening surprise! My crazy little eyebrow post was featured on Blogher!!

  • The Native Navigator: New Website Announcement

    The time has come! A website idea of mine has been in the works for a while now, and things are finally getting rolling. At the end of October, The Native Navigator will officially go live! The Url is purchased, the hosting is all set up, and I am in the early phases of making it look pretty and fabulous. Since you have all been such supportive readers, I would like to occasionally post with progress updates and requests for advice. So what the heck is this website?…

  • The Financial Diet Publication

    Publication saves the day! Today started out with me throwing my tea mug across the room and ruining my work laptop. So to say the least, finding out that The Financial Diet published my article about Backwards Budgeting significantly turned the day around. I really enjoy these ladies, so I highly recommend wandering around their site! Very honored to be included!

  • Elite Daily Publication

    Yahoo!!  Okay, I am new to this whole getting published thing so I am still celebrating every time it happens. This is an article I wrote on a whim.  I recently became a contributing writer to Elite Daily, and their “trending topic” of the week was “Traveling without Technology.”  So I wrote this in about […]