The Native Navigator Launch Day!


Put on your party hats, friends!  I have finally launched The Native Navigator! It is still very much a work in progress, but as I find my way, it would mean more than the world to me if you either followed the blog, followed me on Twitter at @NativeNavigator or Liked my Facebook page.  I am still figuring out how I want to go about this whole thing, and you have all been the most important and supportive people in the development of my writing and blogging.  So whether it’s still a hot mess or not, I would love your feedback.  Either way, it’s live!!  Wooohoooo!!

6 responses to “The Native Navigator Launch Day!”

    • So that’s what I’m still trying to figure out. It’s built on WordPress, but since it’s, I have no clue if my posts will come up in this feed. That was my hope since this is where I’ve built a community, but I need to look into it. It definitely would be smart if there was a way to link them!


  1. “Always overtip” from your credo on The Native Navigator. Yes!! Not only really good advice, but it shows yet again, you learned from your parents, especially your Mom who waitressed everywhere from the Atlantic Diner in Wildwood, to Junior’s in Brooklyn, to the Brae Burn Country Club outside Boston, to the restaurant on the Rockefeller Center rink (where she rescued a mouse from the butcher with a carving knife), to Arthur’s on 56th Street where she sang, to the Key Club in NYC where she lasted one night. Always overtip! (Except at the Key Club, where the patron might expect something more. 🙂 )


  2. The mouse at Rockefeller Center story is true! And the mouse bit her on the finger that had a wart, which had been there most of her life. Within a week, the wart was gone! I suspect, so was the mouse! Keep writing!


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