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  • To Reach Others, You Must Reach Out

    Almost a year after reaching my 100 follower goal, I just got the notification that I hit 200!  Neato, team!  I love to think that a community has gathered over the past five years to share in my mental wanderings through the ups and downs of pursuing this wacky career. Blogging has taught me something way more […]

  • Why Do We Blog?

    My point is that quite often, blogging in particular is about telling your story in order to invite a community to share your experience. If not, you would just write it all in a journal. Now, things get tricky when the writer hopes or expects a certain reaction, OR, in this recent case, the reader misinterprets the writer’s intentions.

  • Blogher Publication and a Post about Tigers!

    The artists that I know, including myself, get up every day and attend or submit to auditions even though we’re often terrified about never hearing back. We call ourselves actors even though some days we’re afraid that’s not true. We go to our full-time or several part-time jobs even though were scared it’s taking us away from our art. And we get up on stage or put our ideas out into the world even though were nervous they may not be well received.

  • Blogging with Artistic Integrity

    Fair warning, this is a bit of a rant… For the past several weeks I have been throwing my energies into incorporating this blog into my career.  It’s always brought me joy, and as I’ve said many times, it’s helped me grow as an artist overall.  And yet, I completely accept that I know diddly […]

  • I was published again! Yahoo!

    Good morning!  It’s been a great week for elephants! This month I have been breaking out of my comfort zone and submitting to websites that I find inspiring.  I recently wrote to the Elephant Journal, and what do you know, they are a very encouraging group of people!  Of course they are, they’re whole site […]

  • The Benefits of Being a Multi-Artist

    Feeling artistically stagnant and starved is something I didn’t understand when I was little.  If I was in a grouchy mood for days at a time, I was often told, “You just need a show!”  But I didn’t truly understand the validity of this until my twenties.  I did legitimately need to do something artistic, to […]

  • Call for Advice: To WP.org or Not to WP.org?

    Hello fellow bloggers!  I am getting close to my five year mark here and I am very interested in making this a much bigger part of my professional life.  Overall, I am trying to write more frequently, create a rhythm with weekly topics, etc. In a magical world, I would be able to focus on […]

  • Exciting News! I was featured on Blogher!

    Hello all! My recent post, The War Against Office Snacks, will be featured tomorrow on Blogher!  Blogher is a wonderfully insightful and inspiring site that promotes women bloggers.  I was floored by their offer to feature my post and am so thrilled to be a part of their blogging community.  Check them out here!!  My […]

  • MaybeThereWillBeCupcakes.com Lives!!!

    It’s official!  After nearly 5 years, I have purchased perhaps one of the longest URL’s in history: Maybetherewillbecupcakes.com.  If you are willing to type that baby out, then you are a true dedicated reader, and I love you. Five years ago I started this blog on an angsty afternoon in my Astoria apartment after a job […]

  • Get off the Floor

    I fell over a lot as a kid.  I think it’s pretty common when you’re little – sometimes your top half moves more quickly than your bottom half, you seem to slip on everything, or you just simply tip over all the time.  It’s as if you haven’t quite figured out the whole “leg” thing yet. […]