Call for Advice: To or Not to


Hello fellow bloggers!  I am getting close to my five year mark here and I am very interested in making this a much bigger part of my professional life.  Overall, I am trying to write more frequently, create a rhythm with weekly topics, etc. In a magical world, I would be able to focus on this full-time.  Though it will never be about making money for me (because when that’s the goal, nothing ever really works), but more about allowing myself the time to develop this further.

So I have been looking into transferring my site to and hosting through Bluehost.  I am however, in the very beginning stages of researching how to do this and if it is even worth switching.  So I have a few questions for the group:

1.  Do any of my readers receive income from blogging, even if it is a small amount?  If so, what were your first steps?

2. With the understanding that it requires more hands-on management, have you had a good experience with and/or Blue Host?

3.  Am I better off staying on .com and applying for Adwords?

3. Have you felt in danger of losing the integrity of your blog and writing by using an SEO program?

4.  Do I have no idea what I’m talking about/do you know of any good starter websites or classes I can take to be less clueless?

Thank you so much in advance for all your thoughts!  This is a slow but fun process and I’m hoping to just keep growing in the next year.  As always, thank you to all my very encouraging readers and please never hesitate to alert me of posts you are particularly proud of below, and I always happy to read.

For your troubles, here’s a picture of me looking like Maggie Smith.


5 responses to “Call for Advice: To or Not to”

  1. Sadly, I have no advice for you, as I don’t have any experience with I’ve been thinking about some of the same things recently, though, so I will let you I learn anything. I would definitely be interested to hear what you find out.


  2. I am a sort of guy. I think that the community aspects and the fact they do all the work behind the scenes is good enough for me. I have done the .org thing and it’s a hassle.


    • This is great to know, thanks for your input. That’s my concern too. The community here is the reason I got into blogging, so it’s going to take a bit to decide if it’s worth switching.


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