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  • Post-Nap Porto and the Beer Pilgrimage

    This is part of a series on my trip last year. You can read the first and second posts here. Part 2: September 30, 2019 It is dark in my room when I wake up. The curtains are closed but I can’t see what time it is outside. Is it Tuesday? Or has only a […]

  • Saudade and the Day I Fell in Love With Porto

    This post is part of a series. Day one of my trip lives here! September 30, 2019: Part 1 When our plane finally coasted into Monday’s sunrise, my shoulder mate rose from his sweet slumber and thanked me in Spanish for not waking him up. I helped him and his wife order breakfast from the […]

  • A Year Ago Today I Got On An Airplane

    I haven’t written a blog post since March 21st. I write for myself in my journal and I have a job where I write for companies that want to sell something or help people sell something. I’m thankful for both of those outlets. But, what do I write to you? I don’t have a clue […]

  • 13 Sensible Reasons to Walk Across a Country

    In case I haven’t convinced you to walk the Camino de Santiago in my other million posts.

  • “I’ll tell you where the real road lies.”

    “I’ll tell you where the real road lies.”

    With only 12 days to get from Porto to Santiago de Compostela, I’d have to get through some longer days to balance out the shorter ones.

  • Coming Home Requires Patience

    Coming home requires patience. I’m three weeks out from my trip and I still find myself retreating into the solitary part of my mind that shielded me from a world of little red notification flags at the top of a screen. What’s odd is that I am having trouble recounting each hiking day in my […]

  • If “Acting is Doing” Then What is Everything Else?

    My acting teacher in London was never a huge fan of me. Though I like to believe I’m a rather agreeable human, I consistently clash with a very specific personality. We’re like two liquids that simply cannot occupy the same space. In one of our first classes, she asked us in a raspy tone, “What […]

  • Well, I Just Booked a Ticket to Portugal

    Eleven years ago, I laid on my back across a bus seat on my way into Santiago de Compostela for the first time. As many of you know, I took a course about the Camino in college and spent three weeks flitting around Spain from the comfort of a coach bus with about 15 of […]

  • Master of Two Worlds

    Muscle memory can sneak up on you. It’s been raining off and on all morning, so I headed out to my usual coffee shop with our big umbrella, tapping it on the ground as I walked. Halfway through my trip, I caught myself hitting the umbrella on the grass beside the sidewalk instead of the […]

  • It’s More Fun to Believe in the Magic of Coincidence

      I’ve decided to make peace with living in emotional technicolor. Hear me out. I know that sounds like a bad hipster band name. But I’ve had a lot of coffee, so I’m rolling with it. Several months after my second Camino, I started having these wildly vivid dreams. The dreams themselves are pretty trippy. […]