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  • I Love New York, But I May Never Be A Good New Yorker

    After years of trying to block this out, I have accepted that the life of a true New Yorker may never be for me. We moved after several years, though we both go in nearly every day for work or class. It’s a smaller part of my life now, and I have become a significantly happier person because of this. I even like the city more than when I lived there.

  • Greetings from Fleischmanns!

    It’s amazing how a little town in the middle of New York State can remind me of my hike in Spain. Fleischmanns, New York, is a tranquil gem hidden among the Catskill Mountains, off a winding two lane “highway” freckled with an almaring amount of “Former Site of {insert town name}“ signs, depicting the complicated tale of […]