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  • “You’re Not Good, You’re Not Bad, You’re Just Nice”

    Right after the election, a meme was making the rounds, predicting that Hillary would come out on stage before the inauguration to sing “Last Midnight,” from Into the Woods.  If you’re unfamiliar with the musical, this may have looked like a jab to Hillary’s character, since after all, the song is sung by the witch.  In the song, the witch […]

  • An Acting Lesson for Troubling Times

    When I was twelve, I played Anne Frank in a local theatre production up in the mountains of North Jersey. It was in one of those spaces that makes you miss the community theatre scene–a sturdy, 19th-century chapel in the center of town, with original wooden pews, a lady bug infestation, and the smell of books and old coffee.

  • The Positivity Paradox

    We, as children, have an innate urge to change the world for the better and to help one another. We recognize the world is not perfect. But as we get older, a cynicism, or a comfort with our small level of day-to-day awareness diminishes this drive. The bigger picture overwhelms us, and so we stall, we choose a distraction and cling on to our false image of the world to protect ourselves.

  • It’s Been 10 Days

    Just a heads up that this is not going to be a normal post.  I honestly just need to rant, and writing privately for myself is not doing it for me right now.  I have woken up every day since the 8th angry and deeply, deeply worried.  Even hearing people managing to go on with […]