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  • The Native Navigator: New Website Announcement

    The time has come! A website idea of mine has been in the works for a while now, and things are finally getting rolling. At the end of October, The Native Navigator will officially go live! The Url is purchased, the hosting is all set up, and I am in the early phases of making it look pretty and fabulous. Since you have all been such supportive readers, I would like to occasionally post with progress updates and requests for advice. So what the heck is this website?…

  • Greetings from Fleischmanns!

    It’s amazing how a little town in the middle of New York State can remind me of my hike in Spain. Fleischmanns, New York, is a tranquil gem hidden among the Catskill Mountains, off a winding two lane “highway” freckled with an almaring amount of “Former Site of {insert town name}“ signs, depicting the complicated tale of […]

  • Greetings from Wildwood

    I have an unnatural attachment to the Great Egg toll booth plaza on the Southbound side of the Garden State Parkway.  Anyone who has spent their lives traveling to the southern tip of the Jersey Shore understands this feeling.  After the inevitable Union County traffic, the pushy crowds of the Atlantic City rest stop, and […]

  • Local Traveler: Tinmouth & Wallingford

    A week ago, I was asked to write a blog post for a website about “Local Wanderlust”- a term I showed interest in creating, even though the world “Wanderlust” itself gets under my skin.  The purpose of my article was to shed light on local travel and growing curiosity for the simple places we live in […]

  • Los Arcos and Viana…

    When we left Estella, we were sad to say goodbye to our incredible hosts, but had some important business to take care of:  THE WINE FOUNTAIN.  We had heard of such things, and dreamed of such things, but today we would see it.  On the wall of the winery Bodegas de Irache, there were two […]