The Native Navigator Launch Date: March 23rd!

Yahoo!!  Remember that time last fall when I decided to start a new website?  I sure do–because ever since then I have learned many a lesson about the trials and tribulations of launching a website. Turns out there’s much more to it than buying a URL and having a super lofty idea about traveling.

Nevertheless, I have decided to take the plunge and give myself a deadline.  After almost a year of futzing, researching, learning how to use a camera, and getting over my fear of interviewing people (well, I’m still working on that one), I have at least the beginnings of The Native Navigator.  So let’s break it down (in what somehow became an interview with myself):

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The Native Navigator: New Website Announcement

Creative Commons Photo by Barby Dalbasco

Creative Commons Photo by Barby Dalbasco

The time has come!  A website idea of mine has been in the works for a while now, and things are finally getting rolling.  At the end of October, The Native Navigator will officially go live!  The Url is purchased, the hosting is all set up, and I am in the early phases of making it look pretty and fabulous.  Since you have all been such supportive readers, I would like to occasionally post with progress updates and requests for advice.  So what the heck is this website?…

The Native Navigator: The World in Your Backyard

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 1.14.46 PM

First of all, many thanks to Antonia Del Corsano, a very witty high school friend, for helping me come up with the title.

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Updated Website! Woohoo!

Hello all and happy first day of football season!  I am post-less today but I have some cool announcements on the horizon.  In the meantime…

Ginny BartoloneI updated my website!  Please check out and let me know if you have any layout/content suggestions.  Really, anything.  Since this is combined with my acting website, I have been trying to strike the balance between fancy serious actress and blogger that writes about cat hair and eye brows.





jc fridaysI have a show tomorrow night!  Around Jersey City and looking for a free event?  I will be performing with Speranza Theatre, an incredible company I have been working with for a couple years, on a new reading series.  The plays are fun and exciting and I cannot recommend this wonderful company enough.  Also, we can grab a drink afterwards!  For more info, check out our Facebook Page!