The Native Navigator Launch Date: March 23rd!

Yahoo!!  Remember that time last fall when I decided to start a new website?  I sure do–because ever since then I have learned many a lesson about the trials and tribulations of launching a website. Turns out there’s much more to it than buying a URL and having a super lofty idea about traveling.

Nevertheless, I have decided to take the plunge and give myself a deadline.  After almost a year of futzing, researching, learning how to use a camera, and getting over my fear of interviewing people (well, I’m still working on that one), I have at least the beginnings of The Native Navigator.  So let’s break it down (in what somehow became an interview with myself):

1. I missed something.  What is the Native Navigator?

Last summer, when I was on a super productive writing roll, I wrote an article about nourishing your need for travel while staying local.  It was turned down by the website I pitched it to, but I never threw it away.  It actually sparked an idea for a website/blog that focuses on exploring what is within your reach through finding new towns, supporting small business, and eating/cooking with local ingredients.

2. What will be on the website?!

So far, I have several sections: Farmers’ Market Forage, Small Business Finds, and Wandering About.  Each, respectively, will focus on recipes that only use Farmer’s Market seasonal ingredients, personal stories about small businesses in towns I am visiting, and general blog posts similar to the ones here about life and staying balanced.  I also plan to start weekly posts that focus on local “good news” and events, festivals, etc.

3. What does it look like?

Glad you asked!  I managed to take a screen shot of the editing page where I’m working.  My goal is to focus on a well-lit, simple design with pops of color.  I often battle to find a place online to return to each day for a sense of calm.  This is my hope for the site.

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 9.40.08 AM


4. Why March 23rd?

Because A. It’s my Spring Break, B. Wednesdays are good days to write things online, and C. The number 23 is super interesting in the world of Numerology…so what the heck not.

5. Where can I follow updates on your site launch?

By following me on twitter @NativeNavigator!  That would be the coolest.

6. What if I think your idea is stinky?

Please message or comment with feedback.  I am very new to this and would love to hear your experience with launching your own site.

7. Does this mean you’re no longer acting?

That is silliness, of course I am.  You can check out for all that stuff.  Also, a lot of people focus on several forms of art at the same time.  I’m taking up the violin this summer to someday finally fulfill my dream of being that person in an Irish pub who whips out a fiddle.

8. Do you have any pictures of your cats?

I do! Here are Viola and Tiber being snuggly.


Happy Wednesday everyone, and thank you as always for your support!


2 responses to “The Native Navigator Launch Date: March 23rd!”

  1. I know sometimes you can get down about the acting career, but the amount of art you have created this year alone has been inspiring. Just know that 🙂

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