Day 7: The First Time I Said I Would Marry Ben

For the final 30 days of my twenties, I am writing one personal narrative a day that has impacted my life until now.  To read more about my challenge, feel free to check out the first post.  

Also, this 30 Day challenge is also to support a wonderful charity, Zara Aina.  Please check out my fundraiser here and if you’re able, please consider throwing a few dollars toward this amazing cause.  It would mean the world!

The first time I ever said out loud that I would marry Ben, was while standing on a beach after skinny dipping off the coast of North Carolina.  And more strangely, I didn’t even say it to Ben. We had just attended the beautiful wedding our college friends Elyse and Rob, who were letting us stay in her family’s house right on the beach.  At about 23, she was the first of us to get married, and so it was the also first time we all watched two of our friends grow up before our eyes.  Arranging wedding trips in those days was a larger feat than it is today.  Every dollar was important, and doing things like affording gifts or airfare were usually out of the question.  It was also in the height of my most confusing years in New York City, and so a trip like this often was a place to release my extreme frustration at the disappointment my attempted acting career was turning out to be.


Heading to the wedding!

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Thank You’s for Days 4 and 5!

Fundraiser update! (daily story to come later, even if it’s short and sweet)

For those of you just tuning in, I am raising money for the beautiful arts organization, Zara Aina.  I will turn 30 on October 27th, and hope to raise $900 ($30 for $30 days).  And we are on track!!

Here are two more huge thank you’s to two generous donors:

Uncle Jules!!

Jules and his family came into our lives a short three years ago, when we located a lost side of the family using online ancestry sites.  How wonderful is that?  We had a whole other tribe of Bosch’s right in the next town for decades!

Here is one of my favorite photos of Jules and my dad, the first time they met in person.  Great minds think alike!


Jared Stanton!

I have now known Jared for 13 years.  Yikes!  He has remained a friend through thick and thin, and I am so thankful that he contributed!!

Here is a picture of us–at what, 17 years old?–attempting, and I mean attempting, to ride a tandem bicycle.  Let’s just say I don’t have an excellent center of balance and never tried it again.



My 30th Birthday Challenge!


I have super exciting news!  With the help of the fine Facebook community, I have decided to ring in my 30th birthday (on October 27th) with 30 days of personal stories and 30 days of fundraising for a very special organization.  Here’s the rundown:

30 Stories for 30 Days

When I was little, I had a trusty set of stories that I told over and over and over again.  Between this and never brushing my hair, you can imagine I was pretty cool.  Luckily, I was in a good position to frequently repeat my go-to tales, since working in theatre introduced me to new groups of people that hadn’t yet heard my stories about cats doing funny things or about that time I almost passed out on stage during The Miracle Worker. As a shy girl who hated (and still hates) small talk, these stories were a guarantee that I would at least have something to add to the conversation when I really wanted to run from the room.

Storytelling has always been a part of my artistic life and now extends to both writing and theatre.  Recently though, I’ve hit a wall.  I can write motivational blog posts that work in little tidbits from the day, but when it comes to reporting the past, I tend to freeze up.  I get robotic, I lose my writing voice. Even now, I’m going into 7th grade essay writing mode.  Eeee. So! I need this exercise to break this habit–because a few of my stories definitely deserve to see the light of day.  But until I can do them justice, I will start with the easier ones.

Each day, beginning tomorrow, I will tell one–either lengthy or short–story from my past.  We’ll see what happens!

Blogging Challenge for all!

This is where you come in. As most of us here onWordpress have probably learned, finding a home to connect and express our own personal narratives–however we like–is a rare opportunity online, at least without getting lost in the shuffle of a news feed.  These stories make up who we are.  And sometimes, we just need a platform to tell them.  So each day, I will connect a theme to each of my own stories and welcome you to either comment here, or link your own post of a similar story you’d like to share.  I will happily read all.

$900 for Zara Aina!

Most importantly, I wanted to find an organization that gives a voice to children throughout the world who are often otherwise quieted.  Zara Aina (which means to “Share Life”) is a NYC-based group of professional theatre artists that bring arts education to at-risk youth in Madagascar and throughout the US.  Since 2012, it is breathtaking what they have accomplished.  Please take the time to visit my fundraising page or their website (or both!) to watch their incredibly moving video that breaks down all they do for these children.

Why $900?  Because I’m working with this who $30 for 30 days, or from 30 people, or because I’m 30.  You get it.  But do not feel pressured to stick to this 30 thing.  We are a community, if you are more comfortable donating $5, then I am certain 5 people people will also donate $5, thus balancing everything out.  Or, if giving money is not you jam right now, please consider either sharing my goal or simply visiting their site to find out what they’re up to.  I promise it will change your day.

I will write an afternoon post each day thanking donors and including any personal websites/blogs you would like to link here.

In advance, thank you for your continued support of my writing projects.  And thank you for already making this a wonderful birthday:)